Donald Hocog gets 30 years for sexual abuse of a minor

DONALD Ayuyu Hocog, 49, will spend 30 years in jail for the sexual abuse of a minor in the 1st degree.

Superior Court Associate Judge Joseph Camacho issued the sentencing and commitment order on Wednesday, saying that Hocog is a repeat offender.

“It is deep-rooted deviant behavior and most definitely a criminal act to have sex with the very young,” Judge Camacho said.

Donald Ayuyu Hocog

There can be no justice without the appropriate sentence, and the people of the CNMI deserve a safe community, the judge added.

He said he has imposed the maximum sentence allowed by law to be served day for day so that Hocog won’t be able to hurt anyone for the next 30 years.

There will be no parole, probation, weekend or work release or other similar programs for Hocog, Judge Camacho said, noting that the defendant sexually abused a child.

“The court endeavors to fashion a sentence so that…both the victim and her mother can have some peace and a chance to have a normal life without the destructive influence of Hocog,” the judge said.

He said the court did not find Hocog a candidate for rehabilitation.

“Sexual abuse in the first degree…is not the type of crime a person can easily be rehabilitated from,” the judge added.

At the sentencing hearing, Hocog was represented by Assistant Public Defender Nancy Dominski who argued for the low end of the sentencing scale.

Assistant Attorney General Teri Tenorio, who appeared for the government, recommended that the maximum sentenced to be imposed on Hocog.

According to the pre-sentence investigation report, the victim is “emotionally broken,” and still feels uncomfortable around strangers, especially if they are male.

She said even after Hocog was arrested she still felt unsafe because she thought Hocog would locate her and her mother and do something bad.

After a jury found Hocog guilty in Nov. 2013 and he was sentenced to a 30-year jail term, the victim said she felt safe, was free from all the things Hocog had done to her, and happy that she would not have to go through them again.

But the CNMI Supreme Court on Dec. 2015 remanded the case to the trial court for re-sentencing. Among other things, the high court said the trial court trial court “erred by failing to reiterate substantive jury instructions,” and “abused its discretion” by failing to order a pre-sentence investigation report.

According to the girl, who will be 18 this year, Hocog first sexually abused her when she was six and this continued until she was 11 years old. The last incident occurred in 2011.

The girl said Hocog threatened to harm her if she told anyone about the sexual abuse.

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