Diego Blanco, Joe Ayuyu await legislative action on their re-appointment to Zoning Board

THE Saipan and Northern Islands Legislative Delegation Committee on Judiciary and Governmental Operations conducted a public hearing on Diego Blanco and Joe Ayuyu Jr.’s re-appointment to the Zoning Board.

Five individuals appeared before the committee on Tuesday afternoon to testify regarding the appointments.

Diego BlancoDiego Blanco

Of the five, attorney Robert Torres was the only one who opposed the appointment of Blanco while Saipan Mayor David Apatang, Saipan and Northern Islands Municipal Council Chairman LJ Castro, Northern Islands Mayor Vicente Santos and former Rep. Juan I. Tenorio expressed support for the two nominees.

Torres said he represents a poker arcade operator who has sued Blanco and other Zoning Board members over the implementation of a law that requires poker arcades to move out of residential villages.

Blanco declined to comment on the issue, noting that the case is still pending in court.

However, he said he was honored to be nominated again to “represent the people’s interest” on the Zoning Board.

If their nominations are confirmed, it will be Blanco’s fifth term while it will be Ayuyu’s second. Each board member serves a two-year term.

Rep. Angel Demapan. the chairman of the delegation committee, said they are now reviewing the comments submitted regarding the nominees, and will make a decision soon.

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