Determining village boundaries is not easy: Village Identity Task Force head

IT is not easy to establish village boundaries, Saipan and Northern Islands Municipal Council chairman and Village Identity Task Force head Luis John Castro said.

At a recent task force meeting, he said there was a lot of discussion about the maps and historical and statistical data from various agencies including the Department of Lands and Natural Resources and the Department of Commerce.

The task force, which includes representatives from various government agencies, has yet to decide which map should be used in determining village boundaries, Castro said.

He said the task force will gather all the data and agree this month on a village map that they can present to the public.

But he said they are expecting disagreement regarding the village boundaries because of the many maps of Saipan which have been used over the last 70 years.

“We don’t want to draw a line in the sand only to find out that the sand belongs to people who don’t live there,” he added.

The council will not ask the task force to complete its work quickly, Castro said. “It will take some time,” he added.

He said the task force will ensure that village boundaries are based on historical data and the current mapping system.

Castro said the project is supported by many government agencies, particularly the Marianas Visitors Authority.

“This project will help promote the island as part of a destination-enhancement program,” he added.

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