Despite loss to Mongolia, NMI girls played their best

ALTHOUGH they fell to Mongolia, 2-0 in the EAFF U15 Girl’s Tournament 2017 the NMI U15 Girls National Team played their strongest on Thursday in Shanghai, China.

It was power over skill as Mongolia played faster and stronger to overwhelm the NMI team.

“It was obvious on the field that the Mongolian team was very new to soccer. There was no organization or stable shape to their team. Most of their players are still in the early stages of developing their passing and dribbling skills,” Mikky Vargas said in an email.

Although NMI showed their skills better in the game, Mongolia controlled the field as they stayed aggressive forcing them to fall back on defense.

The NMI U15 Girls National Team members pose before their first game of the EAFF U15 Girl’s Tournament 2017 at Shanghai, China.

Mongolia’s strategy was to use long passes to get over NMI’s defensive line and using their speed for the finish grabbing two goals by the end of the first half.

In the second half NMI got the hang of Mongolia’s pace. They played more aggressively spending most of the time in enemy territory.

The NMI team forced Mongolia to spread out leaving several opening for the kill but failed to capitalize.

“Though the organization of the team was very poor and resulted in many open spaces, their speed made up for it. The whole team is extremely fit. If Mongolia was more experienced with the technical side of football, this would be a completely different story to tell,” Vargas said.

NMI Football Association President Jerry Tan poses with the NMI U15 Girls National Team during the opening ceremony of the EAFF U15 Girl’s Tournament 2017 at Shanghai, China. Contributed photos

“The girls worked especially hard for this game because there was a lot of body contact and situations where they had to fight for the ball. Generally, the girls were able to play at the opposition’s pace and kept a disciplined defensive line. The coaches are very proud of the girls’ performance today,” she added.

NMI was unable to connect any goals leading to Mongolia’s 2-0 win.

After the game, a ceremony was held at the Jinshan Centre’s Stadium with NMI Football Association President Jerry Tan as one of the guest.

“The girls learned a great deal during this tournament. We hope for them to continue to grow in this sport and, as the national team, inspire others to grow as well. Thank you parents/guardians for all the support, time, and effort. To the FA’s executive committee members and office staff members, to the Chelsea coaches and our local coaches, thank you for all your support and effort in promoting and developing the girl’s and women’s program. In the football world where men reign supreme, the delegation cannot thank you all enough for your constant support. We will keep working to make you all proud,” Tan said.

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