Dandan school vandalized 3 times this summer

DANDAN Middle School has been vandalized three times this summer, according to principal Lynn O. Mendiola who told Variety that there is no money on their campus.

She believes the perpetrators are high school students who apparently like to break in just to do damage to the school, she added.

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“It really needs to stop,” she said.

On July 17, a classroom was broken into, its window shutters and door knobs damaged, Mendiola said.

She said school surveillance camera showed that the perpetrators also broke into the main office — using flashlights and seeming to be in search of something. They then spilled soda over a copier machine, she said.

A week before July 17, she said they lost a Bose speaker.

The Dandan Head Start Center was also broken into, but the burglars did not take anything, Variety learned.

Mendiola said they feel violated by these intrusions. “I wish they would re-think what they are doing,” she added as she asks Dandan community members to help look after the school, especially in the evenings when such break-ins are most likely to happen.

Anyone who may have information about these incidents should also inform the authorities, Mendiola added.

“This is a school for our children, and when vandals come here and damage or steal school resources, it affects the students and not only the teachers and staff.”

Taking away valuable resources from the students is not right, she added.

Mendiola said they are now taking extra precautionary measures and installing more lights on campus.

The police are also investigating these incidents, she added.

Concerned citizens said there were about eight young individuals at the back of the school early Saturday morning. When asked what they were doing in the area, they ran away.

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