CUC’s water losses up in October-November

THE Commonwealth Utilities Corp.’s water losses went up in October and November due to CUC’s development projects, its deputy executive director William Gilmore said.

From 59.94 percent in September, the water-loss rate went up to 65 percent in October and November, he said.

Gilmore said there was a major adjustment to the water flow in As Lito, Chalan Kanoa and San Jose.

“We basically reoriented the pipeline feeding those areas and shifted it to the NMC water tank,” Gilmore said, adding that the improvement of the hydrologic flow will mean supplying those areas with more water.

During the process, he said, the affected areas experienced high pressure and change of direction of the water flow.

Because of this adjustment, some of the pipelines were affected, causing leakage, he added.. “We have lots of additional leak problems.”

CUC Executive Director Gary Camacho said every utility has to put up with non-revenue water, but CUC is striving to continue to reduce it non-revenue water to the acceptable Pacific utility standard which is around 30 percent.

In 2016, CUC’s rate consultant reported that 70 percent of the water production or 9 million to 10 million gallons had been wasted due to leaks, water theft and inaccurate meters, which cost CUC $38 million in annual water revenue loss.

For Dec. 2017, however, Gilmore said they should see a decline in water losses.

He said they will also open the one-million-gallon water tank at Northern Marianas College in As Terlaje early this year to supply As Lito, Chalan Kanoa, Kanat Tabla, San Jose and the airport area.

This year, Gilmore added, CUC will continue to replace its metal tanks with concrete ones, and will start with the San Vicente water tank which is already in the design process.

“We are attempting to replace all metal tanks to ensure durability — the new tanks will not be affected by corrosion and could handle an earthquake much better. They will also last much longer which is a good investment for CUC.”

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