CUC official: PSS eyes net metering, solar power

THE Public School System wants to avail itself of the Commonwealth Utilities Corp.’s net metering program and is planning to implement an 80-kilowatt solar system at Marianas High School, CUC Executive Director Gary Camacho told the CUC board last week.

He said their power division is now working with PSS contractors to ensure that the implementation of the project is in accordance with CUC’s electrical regulations.

He said rising fuel prices have prompted more CUC customers to reduce their power consumption.

In March, six new applications were submitted to the power division, he said, adding that these are currently under management review and the applicants will be connected to the power grid once management determines that their solar power systems are in compliance with CUC’s net metering policy.

As of April 19, Camacho said for phase one of the net metering program, there were 103 applicants of whom 100 had already been connected.

Of the 103, he said 96 were from Saipan and, of these, 93 have already been connected; two were from Tinian and both are already connected; six were from Rota and five are already connected.

For phase two of the net metering program, Camacho said they have 118 applicants from Saipan and of these 26 are now connected; one from Tinian who is not connected yet; and one from Rota who is already connected.

Source: Marianas Variety :

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