Court issues TRO against one of four accused shoplifters

SUPERIOR Court Judge Joseph N. Camacho granted the request of a Garapan store to ban an individual from entering the establishment.

Abigail Duenas is one of four persons accused by AC Pacific LLC, doing business as I Love Saipan, of shoplifting, stealing items and harassing store employees.

Ruling from the bench on Thursday, Judge Camacho granted I Love Saipan’s motion for a preliminary injunction against Abigail Duenas.

Duenas, who was served a court summons, appeared in court pro se or without a lawyer.

I Love Saipan, through attorney Mark Scoggins, also asked the court to issue a temporary restraining order to prevent three other individuals — Aurelio Ray, Jerry Ramon and Donavin Chargualaf — from entering its stores.

Scoggins said despite repeated and persistent reports and follow-up with law enforcement, the four individuals remained at large and entered I Love Saipan stores to shoplift with impunity.

I Love Saipan asked the court for injunctive relief and to restrain the four individuals from harassing its employees or customers. The plaintiff also wants the TRO converted to a permanent injunction.

At the hearing on Thursday, Scoggins called to the witness stand the security manager of I Love Saipan who testified that they had filed 17 complaints with the Department of Public Safety.

Scoggins told the court that it does not harm anyone in any way if the defendants are told that they cannot enter the store.

Duenas, for her part, said her only objection is that the DPS complaints are from 2014 to 2017 when she has only been on island since 2017.

Judge Camacho granted the motion for a preliminary injunction against Duenas, but gave additional time for the other defendants to appear in court.

The judge scheduled another hearing for Jan. 30 at 1:30 p.m.

In its lawsuit, I Love Saipan wants the four defendants to be held liable to pay damages for the harm they have done to the company.

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