Corrections Academy 8th Cycle begins professional conduct training

(Office of the Governor) —Commissioner of Corrections Vincent S. Attao said the Corrections Academy 8th Cycle is in full swing, with cadets beginning professional-conduct training.

“Last year in June, our Academy 7th Cycle cadets underwent ethics and professional-conduct training, and we want to ensure that this cycle receives this same critical training for dealing with personnel and those serving time in our facility. It is important that we reinforce regular training and strengthen the quality of professional conduct to protect the integrity of law enforcement and corrections,” Attao said.

He noted that the newly employed cadets have been introduced to para-military ranking and structure as well as standards and departmental procedures.

“Cadets are taught to perform under highly stressful situations while maintaining their bearings. They undergo substance-dependency and anger-management training in order to prevent or control the anger common in this profession. I thank counselor Jennifer McQuay and officers of the Professional Standards Unit for strengthening enforcement and conduct,” Attao said.

Gov. Ralph D.L.G. Torres reiterated that enhancing ethical and professional-conduct training to promote rehabilitation and reintegration is a key part of overall success at the correctional facility.

“I will continue to focus on rehabilitation and reintegration as one of the best ways to address issues with incarcerated individuals, and concerns about recidivism. Training our cadets to adopt this mentality improves the system and strengthens their duties and responsibilities beyond keeping peace and order. These cadets are given authority, which is a high level of civil and ethical responsibility. There is and will continue to be a delicate balance in maintaining this responsibility which is why these training academies for all law enforcement are critical. As we move toward enforcing policies, and improving our correctional facility, I commend our cadets for taking an interest in public service and doing their part to ensure the well-being of the community,” Governor Torres said.

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