Cops are human too, says DPS chief

POLICE officers don’t have wooden hearts, according to Department of Public Safety Commissioner Robert Guerrero in an interview after the oath-taking ceremony on Friday for 28 new police officers.

Guerrero said although police officers are held to higher standards, “please keep in mind that they are human too.”

He added, “They act like everybody else; they have feelings; they don’t have wooden hearts.”

Robert Guerrero

But there’s only one standard for all police officers whether seasoned or new, he said.

“There are no double standards. If they commit wrongdoing, we punish them. As I’ve said in the past, we are here to adhere to standards.

“We also remind our officers to maintain professionalism out in the street when talking to individuals and interacting with the general public.”

As for the 28 new police officers, he said: “We’re going to have more manpower now. There will be an increase in the number of personnel on duty and this is going to reduce the duty hours of other police officers so they can get more rest and spend more time with their families.”

He said he is proud of the new officers, adding that they have earned their place in the department.

“They achieved something that is hard — they have been challenged for the last three or four months.”

With a growing economy, he said the community will need more police officers.

“I think you cannot have enough police officers. Our intention is to put more uniformed officers out in the street as much as possible.”

Guerrero said the challenge now is to provide the new officers with the equipment they need, including vehicles.

He said they also plan to open substations in Koblerville and San Roque which will need more police officers.

“Those are the plans for expanding the department in preparation for the growing economy, the casino and the new hotels that are being built. That is the reason we keep pushing for more officers.”

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