Community member asks government to fix Obyan road

COMMUNITY volunteer Jack Muna is again asking the government to fix the road that connects the Obyan Beach area  to Dandan.

Jack Muna

He said he has been making the same request for 10 years now. “But nothing has been done,” he added.

Muna said tourists, school buses and residents use the road. The construction company “GPPC is also using the road and they patch it from time to time,” he added. “How long do we have to wait before we see this road paved? If they have money for road projects, why can’t the [Department of Public Works] pave this road?”

Muna said lawmakers, especially those who represent Precinct 1, could allocate the needed funding.

In a separate interview, DPW Secretary James Ada said they have included the Obyan road project in the Territorial Transportation Improvement Plan. “We already have the [road] design and we’re just waiting for the funding,” he said.

Muna said the Obyan road is hazardous. “Let’s not wait for something to happen, especially when tourists use this road to access Ladder Beach or Obyan Beach. Some tourists drive at high speeds on this road. I’ve seen it. The residents of Obyan and nearby areas should sign a petition urging the government to pave this road.”

Muna said other roads need immediate repair. “The number of tourist and resident drivers has increased, and our roads and highways are increasingly filled with traffic. If these roads are not repaired, there could be  accidents,” he added.

Source: Marianas Variety :

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