CNMI-Japanese Descent Association reaches out

(Press Release) — For almost a hundred years, Japanese cultural influence has permeated throughout the Northern Mariana Islands.

We see that influence flourish in our foods, language, architecture, and everyday common practices. However, over the past several decades, as a result of the decline in the Japanese economy and the continuous dwindling of the Japanese tourist market, the cultural significance of Japan has also declined.

To reverse this trend, the CNMI/Japanese Descent Association is trying to reach out to all local families who are lineal descendants of Japan. The mission of the association is to organize and reinvigorate Japanese cultural heritage in the Northern Mariana Islands especially as it involves the local population.  

The association believes that there are dozens of families who would be able to trace their ancestry to Japan.

For all members who are interested in joining the CNMI/Japan Descent Association, please contact Dave Sablan Sr. at [email protected] or Norman Tenorio at [email protected] or call 287-0751.

Source: Marianas Variety :

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