Clarence T. Tenorio is this year’s Liberation parade grand marshal

THE 2017 Liberation Day parade grand marshal, Clarence Takai Tenorio, is a businessman and a philanthropist whose generosity has benefited many community organizations and individuals, especially students.

As a community-service-oriented businessman, Tenorio has helped improved the livelihood of local residents primarily by creating businesses that provide employment opportunities.

Tenorio also believes that one must be an effective team player in order to get things accomplished.

Clarence Takai Tenorio

“Perseverance and hard work have been guiding principles throughout my life. I am also a family man who loves spending time with my kids and grandchildren,” he said.

Among the beneficiaries of the donations provided by his Joeten group of companies is the NMI chapter of the American Red Cross for disaster preparedness and recovery.

Through the Joeten-Daidai scholarship program, his companies provide assistance to local students. With the Kiyu family, the Joeten clan helped build the Joeten-Kiyu Public Library

The Joeten family also supports the annual Marianas March Against Cancer and has donated the Joeten Daidai Social Hall at Mt. Carmel Cathedral to the Catholic Church.

Tenorio said his vision for the CNMI is to see its local workforce grow through the educational and vocational programs of Northern Marianas College and the Northern Marianas Trades Institute.

Tenorio said he is humbled by his selection as this year’s Liberation Day parade grand marshal.

“I feel there are other people in the community more deserving than I am, but being selected is an honor for me and my family.”

Tenorio said he is thankful to Saipan Mayor David M. Apatang and the Liberation Committee for the honor of serving as this year’s parade grand marshal.

He said this year’s theme “Celebrating Culture, Community and Service” speaks well about the CNMI’s goals.

“The CNMI islands of Saipan, Tinian, and Rota have residents from diverse cultures and backgrounds. In order to strive toward a better CNMI for all, we must work with others in harmony,” Tenorio said.

He said he and his family continue to sponsor and support various community events that are for the well-being of the people.

“We are local. The CNMI is our home. We will live and die here,” he added.

In celebrating Liberation Day, Tenorio said the community should also remember those who died in the war.

“And let’s always remember our parents, grandparents and great grandparents who suffered during the war,” he said.

Tenorio was born on Saipan on Jan. 19, 1949 to the late Jose C. “Joeten” Tenorio and Soledad T. Tenorio.

He attended Mt. Carmel High School and graduated from St. Genevieve High School in Panorama City, California. He received his bachelor’s degree from Dominican College in Racine, Wisconsin.

Tenorio is president of J.C. Tenorio Enterprises Inc. and sits on the board of the various Joeten group of companies and their affiliates.

Throughout his career in business, he has worked with and supported many local charitable organizations, but he is most proud of the contributions to the community through the Joeten- Daidai Charitable Foundation.

Clarence Tenorio has 10 children, 15 grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren.

During his spare time, he enjoys doing work at his farm where he has over a hundred goats.

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