CHCC may collect fees from NMC nursing students

THE Commonwealth Healthcare Corp. may collect fees from Northern Marianas College nursing students who undergo clinical training at the hospital, according to CHCC Chief Executive Officer Esther Muna.

“But we may not do that until next year. We are still discussing it,” she added.

She said CHCC doesn’t charge the students for training them.

Esther Muna

“Other facilities in the mainland or anywhere, when you have an institution that is involved in the training, there’s some payment. It is part of the tuition,” she said.

But CHCC will also offer incentives to the nurses it trains, she added. “So they’ll come back and work for us.”

The hospital has been providing training to interns for years now, Muna said.

“This training started when we were the only hospital on island and there were no private healthcare providers yet. The students all knew that when they graduated they would work for us, but now there are already different providers, but we are still the one providing training to the nursing students.”

She said providing clinical training to NMC nursing students involves costs.

“But we are not getting anything out of it. So maybe we can charge them for the training and the students can choose after graduation whether they want to avail themselves of our incentives and work for us,” Muna said.

But she reiterated that the plan is still at an early stage and no decision has been made yet.

She said they will have to discuss it with Northern Marianas College. “So we’re giving them a heads up.”

According to Muna, the interns are not just getting training in the hospital ward.

“We are putting them in different settings, including community centers. We want to be able to open doors for them because when you become a nurse there’s so many various things you could do with a nursing degree other than just be a nurse in the hospital. We want to expose them to different fields.”

In an earlier interview, CHCC human resources director Clarinda Ngirausui said the hospital has a development program for new nursing graduates.

“We will pay for their NCLEX review, we will pay for their NCLEX exam and we will provide them a study area, but they will have to work for us,” she said.

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