Changwei Xu’s warrant quashed in Las Vegas

CHANGWEI Xu’s felony warrant was quashed in Las Vegas after he posted bail, Variety learned.

U.S. Customs and Border Patrol earlier arrested Xu on Saipan by virtue of a warrant from the Clark County district attorney for issuing bad checks. Bail was set at $7,354,225.

Xu posted bail in Nevada, but it had not cleared before he arrived on Saipan, Variety was told.

Xu was detained by CBP at the CNMI Department of Corrections and was placed under a 48-hour hold pending the outcome of a possible extradition to Nevada.

After his bail cleared in Nevada, Xu was processed by federal authorities for deportation to China on Saturday, Variety was told. Xu is no longer on Saipan.

The Clark County District County had advised CNMI Corrections that it could not hold Xu under a state warrant.

Corrections consulted its legal counsel, Assistant Attorney General Hess Yntema, to determine the best course of action in regards to the detainee who has a medical condition, Variety was told.

On Oct. 5, Corrections and Xu, represented by the Torres Brothers law firm, signed a document titled, “House Arrest Contract and Release.”

It stated that Xu had agreed to submit his passport to Corrections and would be placed under house arrest.

Xu also waived “any liability upon the [CNMI] for any medi[c]al incidence or service that occurs in the duration of my House arrest.”

Xu said he or Best Sunshine “will pay all fees associated with this house arrest.”

Xu’s connection to Best Sunshine was not clear as of press time.

Variety learned that because the federal-CNMI memorandum of understanding related to detainees had long expired, Corrections was not ready to accept the liability involving a detainee with severe existing medical conditions. Moreover, Variety was told, federal authorities would not cover the cost of Xu’s detention here.

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