Chambre Bar cultivates local talents

FIESTA Resort and Spa is cultivating local talents such as Zarah Frazier, also known as Zhee, and 2017 CNMI Got Talent winner Neil Fama, who will take the Chambre stage every Friday evening.

Das Krishnan, Fiesta Resort and Spa food and beverage director, said it is their goal to cultivate the talent of young people by giving them the opportunity to perform before their clients. “They are young and vibrant. We also want to help them with their finances while they are studying.”

According to Krishnan, he saw Zhee singing outside the I Love Saipan store in the Paseo de Marianas a year ago.

“I approached her and offered her a singing job here at Chambre. Just recently, she came to my office and accepted my offer,” he said.

Krishnan said he was also looking for a magician. He reached out to Fama and offered him a once-a-week gig.

“It is very rare that we see a magician perform on this island,” he said. He added that Fama is a talented magician. “He can do one-to-one and he can do stage.”

It will be a double performance for Zhee and Fama every Friday for three months.

While Zhee is singing, Fama will be doing a one-to-one magic with the audience. He will also do magic on stage.

“We wanted to put them together – performing separately with their own unique talents,” Krishnan said.

During their first gig at Chambre, Zhee serenaded the guests. She sang contemporary music, mostly songs by Rhianna.

Fama, on the other hand, approached each table to show some magic trick.

Both Zhee and Fama have the ability to engage their audience – Zhee with her voice and Neil with his magic, according to Krishnan.

“They both provide entertainment for our guests,” Krishnan said.

Zhee and Fama are both attending Northern Marianas College.

Zhee regularly sings at I Love Saipan Paseo branch and Safehouse bar.

Fama works at the Pacific Island Club.

Zhee and Fama said the gig at Chambre gives them help in financing their education.

According to Krishnan, Chambre is creating a different atmosphere each night.

Monday is karaoke/sing-along night.

Tuesday the Revive Band offers a live performance.

Wednesday is salsa night, for those who love to dance.

“If they want to go and dance, this is the perfect place. I have three dance instructors who will teach you if you are not a dancer,” he said.

Thursday offers another live performance, this one from the Soul Ivory band.

Friday is Zhee and Fama’s show, “The Island Snowman with Zhee.”

“We wanted to create an atmosphere to suit different people. Not everybody likes to sing, not everybody like to listen to songs. We want people to do what they like at Chambre,” he said, adding they leave Saturdays open for group functions.

Krishnan invites the community to relax and unwind in the Chambre Bar, which offers a wide range of refreshing cocktails and other beverages.

Located at the Fiesta Resort and Spa on the lobby level, the Chambre Bar offers happy hour from 5-7 pm with free chasers and 50 percent off on all standard drinks on weeknights.

Hours of operation are 5 pm – 12 am Monday to Friday; 6pm – 12am on Saturday. Sunday it is closed.

Happy hour special is 5pm – 7pm Monday to Friday.

For Reservations: 670-233-6414.

Source: Marianas Variety :

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