Casino construction workers leaving on Dec. 17

THE CWs at the Imperial Pacific Resort construction site are leaving the island on Dec. 17, according to its project director.

IPR vice president for human resources Bertha Deleon Guerrero disclosed that the number of CWs at the casino itself decreased by 151 in October alone.

In a report to the Commonwealth Casino Commission on Wednesday, IPR construction project director Eric Poon said the availability of labor is still an issue.

As of this month, Poon said there are 207 workers at the construction site. In a previous report a few weeks ago, it was noted there were 291. Of the 207 construction workers now, only 37 are locals, he said.

“People have started leaving and their numbers are going down due to the CW issue,” Poon told the casino commission.

Commission vice chairman Joe Reyes said the construction of the casino-hotel is supposed to be completed by Aug. 2018.

He said a possible delay would mean another request from the casino investor to amend its casino license.

“We’d love to see this project move forward, and it is part of our job to see to it that it is completed and that there will be no chaos along the way,” Reyes told Poon.

He noted that 2018 is a federal election year. “We won’t know what the new U.S. Congress will do so it is important to get this thing moving forward,” Reyes said.

Poon said they are still trying to get U.S. contractors and workers, adding that they are negotiating with potential contractors from Hawaii and Guam. “We have been talking to them every day.”

In December, he said 100 to 200 U.S. workers will arrive to perform construction work.

As for the casino, IPR vice president for human resources Bertha Deleon Guerrero said the number of casino employees declined from 1,848 in May to 1,677 in October. Of this number, 799 are CWs; 640 are U.S. workers; 97 are permanent residents; 77 hold employment authorization documents; 36 are citizens of the Freely Associated States; 21 hold H1B visas; and seven hold E3 visas.

Deleon Guerrero said 54 percent of IPR’s workforce are non-U.S. and 46 percent are U.S. workers.

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