Cancer group to cover cost of biopsy for those screened for oral cancer

COMMONWEALTH Cancer Association executive director Juan L. Babauta said their group will cover the cost of biopsy for individuals screened for oral cancer.

“We will help individuals who have been to dental clinics for screening. If there is a finding from a dentist, then CCA will send the tissue sample for a biopsy to Guam or a laboratory,” Babauta said.

Juan L. Babauta

A biopsy involves taking a sample of tissue from the body and examining it to determine if it is cancerous or not.

Babauta said CCA’s campaign against oral cancer is ongoing. “What we are doing here is educating our people regarding the effect of chewing betel nut with tobacco and other additives. We also provide free screening for oral cancer through our dental clinic partners. All they have to do is call the clinics up.”

He said CCA has partnered with Seventh-Day Adventist Clinic, New Wave Dental, Smile Marianas, Paradise Dental Center, Dental Care, Tooth Works and the CHCC Dental Clinic. According to Babauta, these clinics have been conducting free oral screening.

He said a doctor or dentist can detect precancerous tissues or an early cancer which is curable if found at an early stage.

“One of the leading causes of oral cancer in the CNMI is chewing betel nut with tobacco and other additives,” Babauta said. He admitted that one of their challenges is to change the mindset of individuals who chew betel nut.

“CCA and our partners are active in our campaign against oral cancer but, at the end of the day, it is still a choice for an individual whether to chew or not.”

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