Brush fires in Wireless Ridge, Marpi, Chinatown, Rota

FIREFIGHTERS responded to sporadic brush fires on Friday and Saturday in Wireless Ridge, Marpi, and Chinatown on Saipan, and in the Mua area on Rota, Sunday.

 Department of Fire and Emergency Medical Services spokesman Derek Gersonde said at 5:52 p.m. on Friday, firefighters responded to a brush fire north of Wireless Ridge. He said the fire moved north toward San Juan, Marpi and broke into two separate fires. It then moved into the Talafofo area, he added.
The brush fire was aggressive and burned live bushes and trees in its path, Gersonde said, adding that three strike teams were dispatched on Friday.
“One responded to the DPS target range in San Juan, Marpi, one to the northern end of Wireless Ridge, Capitall Hill and one to Talafolfo by Kingfisher.”
The responders monitored the two fires throughout the night and also watched out for any erratic behavior that might endanger residential areas or farms, Gersonde said.
By Saturday afternoon, he said the San Juan, Marpi fire had slowed while the Talofofo/Wireless Ridge blaze had smoked out.
On the same day, however, Gersonde said another brush fire occurred, this time in Chinatown above the Manamko’ Center. It was extinguished by 5 p.m.
On Saturday night, he said DFEMS stationed fire teams in San Juan, Marpi and another team in Wireless Ridge to monitor any flare ups.
On Sunday afternoon, the Rota fire department responded to a grassfire in Mua area but no injuries were reported.
DFEMS Rota asked community members to refrain from burning due to high winds.

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