Brush fire lights the night sky

DEPARTMENT of Fire and Emergency Medical Services strike teams responded to brushfire in Evergreen below Mount Tapochau and above Kannat Tabla, according to public information officer Derek Gersonde.

p3 Mount Tapochau brushfire Monday evening

The fire was visible from as far as Garapan area on Monday, lighting the night sky at around 7:30 pm. Many residents commented on how the fire immediately grew bigger due to strong winds. The National Weather Service Forecast Office in Guam reported last Thursday that drought in the CNMI is expected to worsen in the next couple of weeks. According to NWS, satellite images show very dry weather over the Mariana Islands and remain in short-term moderate drought. Some rain showers have fallen recently but much drier weather is expected to develop during the next few weeks according to the NWS. The Office of Homeland Security & Emergency management advises residents to refrain from doing any “burning activities” outdoor so as not to cause wildfires and endanger surrounding life and property. HSEM expects moderate to occasionally strong trade winds over most of Micronesia in the next couple of months. HSEM advises the community to take all necessary precautionary measures at this time and all outdoor burning activity is not recommended and should be delayed. Gersonde did not give additional details on the fire.

Source: Marianas Variety :

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