Brenda Dionisio in jail for claiming she’s Lady Diann, soliciting donations, fees from BBQ vendor

POLICE arrested a woman for posing as Lady Diann of the Lady Diann Foundation and soliciting donations from the owner of Lyn’s BBQ in Garapan.

Brenda Kileleman Dionisio, 43, was charged with theft by deception and appeared before Superior Court Judge Joseph Camacho on Friday for a bail hearing.

Judge Camacho imposed a $10,000 cash bail on Dionisio and said the court will appoint a counsel for the defendant. Assistant Attorney General Chester Hinds appeared for the government.

Dionisio’s next court appearance was scheduled for June 30 at 9 a.m. in Courtroom 205A.

According to court documents, Dioniso has been involved in other theft and forgery cases, some of which date back to 1993.

For her latest case, police said she collected a total of $1,450 from a barbecue stand owner.

On June 14, 2017, she introduced herself to the barbecue stand owner as Lady Diann — the CNMI’s first lady — and asked for a donation for a boy undergoing surgery. The owner gave Dionisio $100 cash.

On the following day, Dionisio collected $150 more from the businesswoman after she informed her that the boy had died during surgery and that his family needed money to buy a coffin.

Police said Dionisio wrote receipts for the two donations.

On June 16, Dionisio informed the victim that the Saipan mayor would provide a booth for the victim’s barbecue stand at the Liberation festival grounds, but the victim needed to pay $400.

Dionisio also told the victim to attend the vendors meeting at the mayor’s office on Tuesday, June 20.

After the victim paid $400, Dionisio asked her to pay another $400, saying that the fee had increased.

When the victim hesitated, Dionisio said she would just ask the governor to cover the additional $400. The victim replied that she would pay the additional $400.

Dionisio again issued receipts for the $800 she received from the victim.

On June 17, Dionisio called the victim to tell her that the vendor’s fee was raised to $1,200. The victim paid her an additional $400.

On June 19, Dionisio informed the victim that the Lady Diann Torres Foundation would provide her with a popcorn and cotton candy machine for $100. The victim said she did not have the money, but Dionisio kept calling and asking for at least $50.

On June 20, the victim and her husband attended a meeting of the Liberation vendors at the mayor’s office where they learned that their booth was not on the official list of vendors.

The victim then called the number that Dionisio wrote on the back of the receipts she issued to the victim. While she talking with Dionisio over the phone, one of the mayor’s staffers recognized Dionisio’s voice and identified her.

Police said Dionisio confessed getting a total of $1,450 cash from the victim. She said she gambled away over $1,000 at a poker arcade in Chalan Piao.

She was arrested on June 21 at her residence in As Lito.

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