BOE member: No decision yet on allowing high school students to eat lunch outside cafeteria

THE Board of Education has yet to decide whether to allow high school students to eat lunch outside the cafeteria, BOE member Herman T. Guerrero said.

He did say he was in favor of the proposal, but BOE Chair Marylou Ada isn’t.

“The chair has this idea that everybody should sit down [in the cafeteria] and eat. But you are dealing with high school students. The only time they see their friends is at school, and lunch time is the best time for them to catch up with their friends, sit down and socialize,” Guerrero said in an interview.

High school students, he added, want to go out, sit somewhere with their friends, and eat together.

“You have to be more flexible with high school kids. Stop treating them like a bunch of elementary kids.”

Guerrero noted that school cafeterias cannot accommodate all students. “Look at Marianas High School, for example. You have a population of 1,600. That’s a lot of kids to all sit down and eat in a small cafeteria.”

But he said students who want to eat out should also pick up their own trash. He said it is not the responsibility of the food vendors to clean up.

Teachers, for their part, should also remind students not to litter on campus — or anywhere else, for that matter, he added.

“We should all be environmentally friendly. And there must be responsibility and accountability at every level.”

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