Beware of fake dollars

THE manager of Shirley’s Coffee Shop in Garapan is informing other establishments that there are individuals who are attempting to use fake U.S. money to pay for goods or services.

Noelle Rafael, Shirley’s manager, said on Good Friday a couple, who could be tourists, tried to pay for their dinner with fake bills.

Rafael said their cashier noticed that the bills had a different texture and had a darker color.

The staffer used a detector device which confirmed that the bills were counterfeit.

She then told the customers that their money was not lawful tender.

A video capture from security camera footage shows a Shirley’s Restaurant staffer using a counterfeit-detector device to show a customer that the money he wants to use to pay his bill is fake. Contributed photo

The customers claimed that the money came from the bank.

Variety learned that the couple came to the restaurant twice that day, at lunch time and again at dinner time.

According to another staffer, they reviewed their surveillance video footage on that day and reviewed their other sales to find out if other fake bills were used for payment. There were none.

The staffer added that they are usually on the lookout for higher denomination counterfeit bills and not small ones.

The incident was not reported to the police.

Source: Marianas Variety :

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