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Given Guam’s ethnically diverse community, residents seeking to strengthen their ability to care and serve these many cultures can attend the latest seminar series at the University of Guam Micronesia Area Research Center (MARC).

A diversity consultant and sociologist will give his presentation on “Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Strength-Based, Trauma-Informed Care on Guam and Throughout the Micronesian Region.”

MARC research associate Samuel Betances will shed light on the need and development of cross-cultural awareness and sensitivity, to promote action and enhance the use of the best practices to care for the high percentage of people who’ve experienced trauma.

In the abstract to his presentation, Betances states, “Traumatic experiences, especially early in life, are important root causes affecting physical and mental health risk and decreasing life expectancy.”

His presentation, marking the fifth installment of the seminar series, will look into ways multidisciplinary teams can collaborate to provide “optimal strength-based, trauma-informed” care that is culturally grounded to those in need of their services.

Betances is an internationally renowned speaker and workshop presenter. He taught at Northeastern Illinois University as a full professor of sociology for 25 years, and holds a doctorate in the field. In addition, he taught extension courses for the University of Guam on Saipan and other islands in Micronesia. He most recently delivered a series of lectures on health care disparities and cross-cultural perspectives on trauma-informed care to professionals at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital.

He has conducted seminars on the need for increasing cultural competencies of health care and other services.

The seminar will begin at 6:30 p.m. Jan. 9 at the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Lecture Hall at UOG.

MARC has been considered a world-class research facility for social sciences and humanities studies of the Micronesian people. Those who intend to learn about the culture, history and language of the region’s people can visit MARC’s research library.

The seminar is open to the public, free of charge and will be held on the second or third Tuesday of every month.

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