Antonio Cabrera: I’m not encroaching on public land

ANTONIO B. Cabrera denied the Department of Public Land’s allegation that he is encroaching on government property, adding that it is DPL that violated the law when its personnel entered his property without his knowledge and consent.

In an interview last week, Cabrera told Variety that DPL committed trespassing when its personnel entered his property to conduct a survey without seeking his permission.
Cabrera said he sold his property to the then-Marianas Public Lands Authority, but not his small lot in Chalan Piao that DPL is claiming is public property.
“DPL thinks that portion also belongs to them but it’s mine. They thought it’s public road but it’s private. They said I leased that small portion to a farmer [Huang Haibin]. No, I did not lease it. I allowed [Huang] to stay on my property on one condition: that they keep it clean. They are a very poor family and don’t have any means to pay for the lease so why would I lease it to them? I allowed them to stay and farm it so they can have something to support their family, so they can have something to eat and sell produce for a living.”
Cabrera added, “I am helping a poor family so why is DPL taking it against me like I committed an illegal act? They are the ones that committed an illegal act when they entered my property and surveyed it without notifying me. And then they sent me a notice to vacate without any prior warning? They should have notified me first so I could have clarified it with them that it is my property and not theirs.”
Cabrera said he is not complaining about Lot 466-F-1. “I already sold it to them and relinquished everything. They said that I signed an easement. No, I did not sign an easement so they can enter my property and survey it. I am talking about the small portion next to the property that is now government property. That small portion is mine and not government property,” he reiterated.
“These people [at DPL] don’t know what they are doing. Do they think they are gods?”
On March 15, DPL issued a notice, ordering Cabrera and Huang Haibin to vacate the property. Variety was unable to get a comment from DPL.

Source: Marianas Variety :

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