Anti-drug advocate: Recovering drug addicts deserve 2nd chance

ONE of the leaders of Friends of Recovery, a non-profit group that deals with drug addiction education, is seeking the business sector’s support.

“I encourage you to open your doors and help job-applicants [who have completed the] drug court [program],” Joey Arriola said, adding that people recovering from drug addiction deserve a second chance.

A former drug dependent himself, Arriola spoke about his personal experience with members of the Rotary Club of Saipan on Tuesday.

“It’s personal for me because after I was done with my case [and after I was disbarred from practicing law], I came back home in 2012 and knocked on many doors to get a job but I couldn’t get one,” Arriola said. “No one would take me.”

He said he was eventually hired as manager and consultant of a supermarket. “I got lucky because I know there’s a God,” he added.

He is hoping that more businesses will consider people recovering from drug addiction for a job.

He said his group is also educating the public, especially students, to stay away from drugs.

According to Arriola, the recent report about a “meth lab” indicates a “serious problem.”

But he is also thankful for the continued support of the community for the anti-drug campaign, saying that in the past, people wouldn’t come out and admit that they had an addiction problem.

However, he said since the creation of the Drug Court coupled with their group’s awareness and education program in schools and on the radio, more people are seeking treatment and there’s an increase in the number of participants at the HOPE Recovery Center in Marpi.

Source: Marianas Variety :

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