Alejandro Tebit gets time-served in domestic violence case

A MAN who was arrested for beating up his wife and for threatening to kill their two children in April has received a suspended jail sentence.

Alejandro Laniyo Tebit, 29, was originally charged with assault and battery and disturbing the peace. After signing a plea agreement with the government, he pled guilty to assault and battery, and the government dismissed the disturbing-the-peace charge.

At the change-of-plea hearing on Dec. 19, 2017, Tebit was represented by Assistant Public Defender Cindy Nesbit while Assistant Attorney General Robert Charles Lee appeared for the government.

In his judgment and commitment order, Judge Kenneth L. Govendo sentenced Tebit to one-year imprisonment, but all suspended with credit given for time served of three days.

Tebit was also placed on one year of supervised probation effective immediately. He was ordered to pay a fine of $200, a court fee of $25 and a probation fee of $120.

In addition, Tebit will perform 60 hours of community work service at a rate of no fewer than 10 hours per month.

Moreover, he will attend and complete anger-management counseling through the Community Guidance Center, and will not possess or consume any controlled substances during the entire period of probation. He will be subject to blood, breath, or urine tests any time as directed by the Office of Adult Probation.

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