AG’s goals for 2018 ‘huge’

ATTORNEY General Edward Manibusan said the goals set for his office in 2018 are huge in terms of training and facilitating the prosecution of cases.

The Office of the AG will continue to work with the Department of Public Safety to conduct training that will assist in the prosecution of cases, he added.

“We will also work with Procurement and Supply and the Department of Finance to enhance procurement regulations and forms.”

Edward Manibusan

The AG added, “We have a lot of things going on in terms of consumer protection and we will continue to enforce the consumer-protection law.”

Moreover, he said his office is considering bringing in new people to help agencies with their requests for legal services.

At the same time, Manibusan warned criminals that it would be a mistake to consider the CNMI as a “safe haven.”

He said his office will ensure that fugitives from justice cannot enter and hide in the CNMI.

Criminals should not underestimate local law enforcement and our justice system, he added.

“There are procedures and safeguards in place to ensure that people who come to the CNMI are people without any criminal background,” the AG said.

“We have U.S. immigration authorities who have their own procedures, we also have customs who do their investigations. We have our own local police and other agencies that conduct investigations.”

Illinois fugitive Sean P. McDonnell, who was arrested on Saipan, “is an example of how we can catch these people,” Manibusan said.

McDonnell is wanted in Rock Island County, Illinois on multiple charges of sexual assault, and predatory sexual assault of a child. He was extradited to Illinois recently.

“We have access to the National Crime Information Center and Interpol. The CNMI is not a place for people to hide because we will catch them,” Manibusan added.

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