93 graduate from trade school

NINETY-THREE individuals, including four high school students, graduated from the Northern Marianas Trades Institute in a ceremony held Friday at the multi-purpose center in Susupe.

NMTI chief executive officer Agnes McPhetres said the four high school students who completed the adult vocational technical high school program are now ready to work.

They are Meredith Theresa Rios Iderbei, Asuncion Santos Reyes, Jesse FL Borja Santos and Logan Flores Sibetang.

In her graduation speech, Asuncion Santos Reyes encouraged her classmates to always seize opportunities for growth.

“Together we have made it this far by graduating here. Always remain optimistic, grab every opportunity that arises. Do not be lazy to take a step forward.

“We all have a story of our own, but in order to reach our destination we must begin somewhere. That is exactly what we did today,” Reyes said.

Representing the culinary arts students, Edith Aldan expressed her gratitude to the trade school’s mentors and teachers. “Through your guidance, we now have the foundation that we need for our career,” she remarked.

She said the culinary facility at NMTI gave them a sense of what it takes to work in a commercial kitchen. “We were inspired to strive for quality in our job and excited to give back to what was given to us.”

She told her fellow graduates that they should “continue to be the best in what we do — we need to keep on growing.”

The keynote speaker, Rep. Angel Demapan, lauded the graduates, saying they have shown the importance of hard work, perseverance and determination.

He offered five practical life lessons to remain on the path to success:

“Action. Develop an action-oriented attitude. To be successful in the real world, each of you must always take responsibility for your actions and become a dependable person.”

Demapan said nurturing and caring for others is another key to success. “Do things not only for yourself, but for the benefit of others around you. Remember, the world you build will be the world you live in.”

Grit is also important, he added. “You have to be tough and have the courage to do the right thing, and be determined to reach your goals.”

But he said “it is okay to fail, too — it’s a part of life. What matters is how you bounce back and continue reaching for your goals.”

He said having positive energy promotes confidence. “Your energy will give people hope and joy. Your journey at NMTI required you having to take every ounce of energy to make positive changes and to succeed.”

The fifth lesson, Demapan said, is love. “Success is created by hard work, learning, studying, being resilient, sacrifice, and most of all, the love of what you are doing or learning to do.”

Ninety-three students graduated from the Northern Marianas Trades Institute on Friday. Photo by Lori Lyn C. Lirio

McPhetres said 31 graduated from the automotive technology program; three, construction craft laborer II program; 34, culinary arts program; and 21, hotel and restaurant operations program.

She added that NMTI helps the graduates find a job. “Those in the culinary arts and hotel operations programs are already on the job. We placed them in 240 hours of internship. The hotels and restaurants hire them as they are doing it [internship].”

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