29 sworn in as US citizens

A RECENTLY naturalized U.S. citizen, Bishop Ryan P. Jimenez of the Diocese of Chalan Kanoa, was the main speaker in the naturalization ceremony held on Monday morning at the District Court for the NMI.

Jimenez said he is grateful for being part of the CNMI community for the last 22 years as he also reminded the new citizens about the importance of values.

“We all have different origins but when we first came to the CNMI we brought with us our values. Our values have been our guide, our reference and our principles in our day to day living,” he added.

“Let us not forget where we came from and how we have been accepted into this community and welcomed to the American family, May we not only project a welcoming spirit but also to act with genuine respect to others.”

Jimenez also encouraged the new citizens to exercise their right to vote. “Our votes are our voices, use them to decide on issues that can shape our communities and our lives.”

Jimenez, who is originally from Siquijor in the central Philippines, said he is honored to be the guest speaker and witness to the oath-taking ceremony of the new citizens of a nation founded on the principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

There were 31 names on the list of new citizens (two didn’t make it to the ceremony):

April Gonzales Alfonso, Qian Wu Cabrera, Jin Han Cody, Cristina Sacramento Dela Cruz, Dennis Diesta Drew, Myrna Ilustre Duenas, Anna Liza Guancia, Wing Tang Huang, Kyung Ja Kim, Kyu Yeon Kim, Eun Sun Yoo Lee, Jong Ho Lee Eden Drice Limes, Marilyn Dejumo Manalo, Jingky M. Marcelo, Feofaaki McMahon, Mel Jean Mendoza, Ailene Arlay Miranda, Chun Lam Ng Wu, Ma Shierline Owens, Jaime Espino Pascual, Nympha Sharts, Joy Yusingco Silva, Ryan Donald Skiebe, Nora P. Stewart, Ma. Amelia T. Tadios, Amor Silva Taitingfong, Ramiro H. Trinidad, Roger Aurellano Vales, Celia Lao Vales, Jocylyn M. Villagomez, and Jaime Salen Zulueta.

They are originally from Canada, the Philippines, South Korea, China, Tonga and Taiwan, according to Sheila Kelty, the U.S. immigration services officer who made the motion to accept the new citizens.

District Court for the NMI Chief Judge Ramona Manglona welcomed the new citizens and noted that Sept. 17 was U.S. Constitution Day.

One of the new Americans, Feeofaaki McMahon, has resided in the CNMI for 17 years now. She said she made the decision to become a U.S. citizen because she considers the commonwealth her home. Moreover, all her children are U.S. citizens.

It feels good to be officially sworn in, she said, adding that her children told her that it was “about time” she became a U.S. citizen, and that they were very excited for her.

Source: Marianas Variety :

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