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THROUGHOUT history, maps have been redrawn as countries have been founded, empires have fallen, and borders have shifted. And this week, if two would-be nations have their way, we will be redrawing maps once again. Catalonians plan to vote on their independence from Spain on Sunday. Remarkably, it will be the second independence vote in […]

This award is particularly meaningful to RELYANT’s Regional Manager of Micronesia and Senior Project Manager, Dave Hayner, “We are especially honored to be provided the opportunity to lend RELYANT’s construction capabilities to these improvements and …

Nearly two years to the day since the hallowed grounds of Paseo Stadium last heard the roar of the crowd for a baseball game, the newly renovated stadium will be opening its gates, once again, to Guam’s favorite pastime. On Oct. 1, 2015, the AM Insurance/Crowns/AutoSpot won their second straight Guam Major League title with […]

BankGuam Holding Company, parent company of Bank of Guam, announced it intends to raise up to $20 million in capital to support its future growth through a direct public offering of the company’s common stock. The stock will be offered at $12.25 per share, subject to market and other conditions, according to the company. The […]

If you need to transfer money to Micronesia from the UK or any other country worldwide, Exchange Rates UK provides you with the latest exchange rate comparison. Whether you’re looking for the best Pound to exchange rate or using any other base currency, we …

Focus HR, Inc. hires news anchor and community leader Kristi Tedesco  Veteran journalist and award-winning community advocate, Kristi Tedesco, has signed on as director of marketing & sales for Focus HR, Inc. Tedesco has enjoyed a 23-year career in broadcast journalism, and is joining Focus HR, Inc. in its ongoing mission to support small and […]

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