200 NAP recipients participate in job fair

MORE than 200 Nutrition Assistance Program recipients took part in a CNMI Department of Labor and NAP-sponsored job fair held on the ground floor of the NAP office in As Lito, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., Wednesday.

NAP Administrator Walter Macaranas said participants submitted their applications to the participating companies: Tan Holdings, Mariana Resort, Pacific Islands Club, Shell Delta and Imperial Pacific International.

“A good number of people are actively seeking jobs, and they are here to connect with employers,” he added.

NAP is planning to hold another job fair this year, involving other businesses, he said.

The job fair on Wednesday involved more than 100 open positions, and there were also walk-in applicants who are not NAP recipients.

“We want to concentrate on our recipients but we didn’t turn others away because they have a right to this opportunity too — to connect with employers,” Macaranas said.

“We want to get our recipients employed. We want to help them provide for their families and become role models for their children.”

The NAP program, he added, is temporary assistance. “They should not just depend on the program,” Macaranas said.

Nutrition Assistance Program Administrator Walter Macaranas, left seated, poses with representatives of various companies that participated in the job fair on Wednesday. NAP photo

“If it is hard to find a job, we will guide them through the process — we help them become employable individuals.”

The Northern Marianas Trades Institutes and the CNMI Scholarship Office also participated in the job fair.

Vic Cepeda, director of external relations and safety officer of NMTI, said most of the hotels that participated in the job fair collected data and information from the applicants and will schedule job interviews.

“We had a good turnout today — a lot came to register, but we don’t know if they know how to do the jobs being offered by the hotels,” he said. “If they are not hired because they don’t have the skills for the jobs then that’s where we come in — we are here to offer them training so they can become skilled workers.”

CNMI Scholarship Office personnel were also around to provide information to applicants who want to enroll in courses related to science, technology, engineering and math, business, education, casino management, nursing, culinary arts and cosmetology.

These are the priority fields of study — these are the professions that are badly needed in the CNMI.

According to Macaranas, most of the job fair applicants are in their mid-30s.

He said NAP currently has 7,000 recipients, 80 percent of whom are children.

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