$1M bail set for man wanted in Illinois

SUPERIOR Court Judge Kim-Tenorio has imposed a $1-million cash bail on Sean P. McDonnell, who is wanted in Rock Island county, Illinois on charges of sexual assault, and predatory sexual assault of a child.

McDonnel, who appeared in court on Tuesday afternoon, is waiting transfer to Illinois.

According to Assistant Attorney General Heather Barcinas, Rock Island county charged McDonnell with a crime punishable by death or imprisonment for a term exceeding one year.

Sean P. McDonnell

The local AG’s office charged McDonnell on Tuesday with one count of fugitive from justice. Assistant Public Defender Nancy Dominski served as the defendant’s counsel.

The court set the extradition hearing for Nov. 13, 2017.

On Sept. 27, an Illinois judge issued an arrest warrant for McDonnell, charging him with three counts of sexual assault and four counts of predatory criminal sexual assault of a child. A $250,000 bail was imposed on him by the Illinois court.

The U.S. Marshals then issued a notice that McDonnell was wanted for aggravated sexual abuse of a minor, and should be considered dangerous.

The Moline Police Department in Illinois later sought the public’s help in locating McDonnell after he went missing “under mysterious circumstances.” He was last seen driving his black Dodge truck on Sept. 11.

On Oct. 6, KWQC TV in Moline reported that McDonnell had been arrested on Saipan.

In an interview, Assistant AG Heather Barcinas said an extradition proceeding is necessary because law enforcement agents from the State of Illinois are not empowered to make an arrest in the CNMI.

The next step will be for the Illinois governor to request a requisition of the defendant from the CNMI governor, Barcinas added.

The local court will either allow Illinois law enforcement to come and take McDonnell and bring him back to Illinois or the U.S. Marshals or CNMI law enforcement will bring the defendant to the state, Barcinas said.

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