11 to compete in Liberation Day float competition

ELEVEN floats will compete in this year’s Liberation Day parade. The participants are the Department of Corrections, the ACH Chuuk-CNMI Association, the United Filipino Organization, the Papago Lancheros, Marianas Variety, the Bureau of Environmental and Coastal Quality, the Carolinian Affairs Office, Tan Holdings, the Department of Lands and Natural Resources, the CNMI Museum and Santa Rosa-As Teo.

The prizes are $4,000 for first place; $3,000 for second; $2,000 for third; and $1,000 for fourth.

During a meeting on Monday, the Liberation Committee headed by Matt Deleon Guerrero finalized the list of parade participants which include seven non-competition floats from the governor’s office, the CNMI Department of Labor, Imperial Pacific International, Hyatt Regency Saipan, the Saipan mayor’s office, the Substance Abuse and Rehabilitation Program and the Lady Diann Torres Foundation.

Also participating is “Woody the Turtle” of Island Turtle Tours operated by Michael E. Dilley.

In an interview, Saipan Mayor David M. Apatang said the parade will start today, Tuesday, at 4 p.m. even if it rains.

He said they have also invited the other CNMI mayors but only Tinian Mayor Joey Patrick San Nicolas is able to take part.

The Liberation Committee headed by Matt Deleon Guerrero meets with officers from the U.S Air Force on Monday. Photo by Junhan B. Todiño

Northern Islands Mayor Vicente Cruz Santos Jr. is on Pagan while Rota Mayor Efraim M. Atalig will lead the Liberation Day celebration on Rota.

As for those on Saipan, Mayor Apatang said: “I encourage everybody to come and enjoy the show.” He is also reminding spectators, especially those who put up tents and canopies along Beach Road, to keep their surroundings clean and pick up their trash after the event.

During the committee meeting on Monday, U.S. Air Force Capt. David Sling and Capt. Nathan Moose discussed the fly-over during the parade

Nine marching groups will take par in the parade: Saipan Southern High School JRTOC, the Chinese Association of Saipan, Lions Club International District 204-Region 2, Kyokushinkai Karate, the CIEL Voice Ensemble, the Simiyan Manaina-ta Cultural Performers, Studio 29:11, the Northern Marianas Football Association, and the KES Language Immersion Project.

The marching groups with vehicles are the Japanese Society of the Northern Marianas, Saipan Awaodori, the Ayuda Network, CNMI Domatsuri, the Rotary Club of Saipan, Safety First, Docomo Pacific and the Department of Public Works.

The parade participants with vehicles only are the Manamko’ Royal Court, Taga Custom, the Saipan Falun Dafa Association, the 4×4 Holics Association, the DMC Car Club, the Commonwealth Office of Transit Authority, the Commonwealth Utilities Corporation, the Coca-Cola and Foremost Fleet of Happiness, the American Red Cross Disaster Response team, the judiciary, Boating Safety, the Department of Commerce, the Department of Community and Cultural Affairs and Jessica Babauta with their ATV.

Source: Marianas Variety :

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