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Pohnpei is one of the Federated States of Micronesia and unlike anything that exists in this world. It is filled with mystery, magic and tradition of the ancient past and modernized times. Pohnpei has a population of 36,000 and is located on the north western Pacific Coast which lies on the south west of Honolulu. Temperatures remain warm and inviting throughout the year. The State of Pohnpei incorporates the main Pohnpei Island which totals 344 square miles, 137 coral atolls and 25 islands with barrier reefs.

Of the four islands which make up the Federated States, Pohnpei is the Capital of Micronesia. It is the tallest and largest island in the country. It has a shape akin to a circular tent and is 21 kilometers wide and 884 meters high. There’s lush vegetation, an abundance of marine life, tumbling waterfalls and rainfalls surrounded by stunning scenery that keeps visitors coming back time and again to Micronesia. Also, Pohnpei unlike the rest of the islands has mist covered mountains, tropical jungles, exotic flora and fauna and mangrove swamps in the Pacific.

If you are an eco tourist, Pohnpei is filled with exciting and adventurous things to do which include jungle hikes, fishing, snorkeling, kayaking, surfing, visiting idyllic lagoon islands and feasting on pristine waterfalls. Commonly referred to as the ‘Garden Island of Micronesia’ the tropical scenery and diversity has made Pohnpei one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide. Mt. Nahna Laud is a tall mountain peak which can be found on this island, rising to 2,660 feet and receiving one of the highest rainfalls in the world. With over 400 inches of rainfall, falling on Pohnpei annually, lush tropical jungles and verdant rivers sweep into running streams and create stunning waterfalls.

For tourists that want to experience uninhabited and rugged interior Pohnpei offers natural beauty, wildlife and flora. There are 750 species of plants, 250 indigenous plants, 70 species of wild pigs, lizards, deer and the flying fox. The mangrove swamps cover the shoreline of Pohnpei. This part of the world is known as a diver’s paradise with scuba divers visiting from all parts of the glob to experience the taste of deep scuba diving amongst Japanese war wrecks and barrier reefs.

With warm and friendly people, visitors can enjoy local cuisine and drinks, one of which is very popular amongst tourists known as sakau. It is akin to a kava like brew. It is a unique experience in itself simply watching the process of preparing this drink. There’s a special ceremony held where the pepper plant is removed from the wild and presented to be turned into a refreshing liquid. It is considered a relaxing drink one that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Sakau is a numbing social drink and is frequently found in bars and offered during special ceremonies.

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