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Kosrae is considered the undiscovered Micronesia, an unblemished island, tropical beauty, peaceful and serene way of living surrounded by numerous villages. Kosrae sticks to the traditional way of living in a remote world. It is a beautiful island, exceptional in its setting, high mountain ridges and dense tropical forests. There are 7,000 islanders residing on Kosrae who are devoutly religious and lead a simple life. The charming aspect of this island is the friendliness of the islanders and their eagerness to lend a helping hand to tourists.

Fringing coral reefs circle the Island of Kosrae and is six miles in width and ten miles in length. The island is remarkably diversified and research indicates there are ten species of soft coral and 170 species of hard coral. The island has a rich history and mysterious ancient ruins. Similar to the Island of Pohnpei, tourists can find cave systems, war artifacts and sunken ship wrecks on the Island of Kosrae as well.

Kosrae is the second largest island in the Federated States of Micronesia and is a single and one of the most beautiful islands on the Pacific. It is a prime destination for hikers and scuba divers. The coral reefs are of clear and pristine condition and a major attraction to divers visiting Kosrae from across the world. There’s lush vegetation and famous mangroves and natural beauty in all its solitude and peace.    

Diving is such an exciting opportunity for scuba divers and clear waters allow divers to experience the adventures of deep water diving at its best. Local diving instructors have identified fifty dive sites on the Island of Kosrae. There’s plenty of ocean artifacts that will make divers keep coming back for more to Kosrae including dogtooth tuna, sharks and barracuda schools.  There’s also a myriad of plant life, wildlife and immense root systems.

Kosraen is the official language in Kosrae. However, English is significantly used by the islanders and government officials. In ancient times, the currency used was in the form of sea shells. Farming and fishing continue to be the main livelihood on the island and since the 1960s the official currency is the US dollar. There exists a tourism industry, however, it is small and centers mostly on scuba diving.

The staple food in Kosrae is breadfruit. There are many traditional foods like coconut, yam and banana which are frequently found in many households on the island. In ancient times, coconut was served only to the nobles. Each house has an earth oven and it is easy to find families cooking a large meal on the open hearth. Families consume rice on a daily basis along with fish and tinned meats. Whenever there’s a special celebration or occasion, islanders are known to have a fancy spread comprising of pork and soft taro. There are tangerines, bear fruit and tropical tree fruit in several parts of Kosrae Island.   

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