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Chuuk a Federated State of Micronesia is a fascinating destination, however, there is little know about this great tourist spot. If you are an adventurous traveler this is the spot for you. Chuuk is surrounded by reef, comprise of famous ship wrecks and is a fabulous place for scuba divers. These islands on Chuuk are suitable for swimming or boating. For diving enthusiasts, divers can experience the finest wrecks in the world. There’s no greater opportunity to find ship wrecks so close to each other and completely intact. And with each passing year, the wrecks become glided in its submersion in sea fans, brilliantly coloured sponges and soft coral. It is also the homier island from the rest of the Federated States.

Chuuk is a friendly and beautiful place. It is well known for being a diver’s paradise. Its unique and pristine waters are ideal for anyone who enjoys snorkeling, swimming or just playing in the water. There are several islands on Chuuk and popular lagoons. The Truk Lagoon is where Japanese planes and vessels in wreck form can be found. With abundant marine life and clear waters it is a unique destination with its World War II ship wrecks and prime diving spot. There’s significant emphasis on the historical aspect of this beautiful island. Japanese lighthouses can be viewed as they sit atop the lagoons on the island with visitors being able to reach these spots by driving or hiking.

For tourists looking to stay in a popular resort, look no further than Blue Lagoon Resort which is made up of 54 comfortable rooms, individual balconies and surrounded by natural scenic views. The resort is set amidst lush tropical gardens with stunning views and coral enclosed lagoons. The resort blends with the natural landscape and is shrouded in tall coconut plants. It has a restaurant and cosy bar serving fresh seafood cuisine and Asian and Pacific delicacies.

Chuuk can be enjoyed through kayaking from one island to the next. The outer reefs on Chuuk comprise of reef dwelling and an excellent variety of fish. Visitors can also enjoy sailing and windsurfing during trade wind season. There’s soft and hard corals galore, lush vegetation and migratory birdlife. Chuuk Lagoon stretches forty miles in diameter and comprises of stunning coral reefs, some of the best in the world.

Daily meals are cooked on open hearth fires. It is common to see women deep in the mangroves searching for rare delicacies and men looking for octopus at night with the aid of torchlight. Life on Chuuk is a combination of land and sea with everyone living close to nature. The people residing on Chuuk are a Polynesian minority, made up of Micronesian ethnicity. Many people live simple lives and stick to livelihoods including farming, fishing, gardening and weaving. They are also well versed in boat making and navigating.

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