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Waterfalls and Caves

Micronesia is filled with natural beauty and stunning sites, some of which include waterfalls and caves galore. There’s so much to experience and much to see on the four islands of the Federated States of Micronesia. Each island besets the next. The main attraction is scuba diving and snorkeling, however, the island offers an array of natural beauty for visitors to delve deep into and experience in a way they have never before. Carousing and exploring waterfalls and caves in Micronesia will certainly be a once in a lifetime experience!

Pohnpei Liduduhnaip Waterfall

Liduduhnaip and nanpil Waterfalls are twin waterfalls which has become a popular spot for swimming. The waterfalls are made up of an upper and lower level. The falls are a short walk and nearby visitors will find a fantastic picnic area, thatched huts to rest in and a large pool to swim and relax in all day. The stunning scenery surrounding this fall with its mountain valley vistas and pure tropical jungle are certainly worth experiencing.

Pohnpei Lehn Paipohn Waterfall

The largest and deepest lake on Pohnpei has running waters directly from Lehn Paipohn waterfall. The waterfall is in a remote area, however, it parallels in its stunning beauty and magnificent experience of just witnessing this great wonder.

Kosrae Sipyen Waterfall

Kosrae’s Sipyen Waterfall is certainly a magnificent sight to behold. It is a 30 foot high cascade of mountain water that can be enjoyed by tourists from the world over. If you are a photographer this is one of those times you will want to capture the cascading waterfall in all its glory and splendour. At the bottom of the waterfall there exists a small pool with a shallow creek bed.

Kosrae Wiya Bird Cave

The Wiya Bird Cave is a natural cave where hundreds of swiftlet birds reside. A pool of water lies at the bottom of the cave which has been accumulating for a number of decades. As legend has it, a family of giants first lived in Wiya Cave and in fact the cave has a secret tunnel which connects one side of the island to the next. This cave is considered a true Micronesian attraction and one that is awesome and rare.      

Pahn Takai Cave and Waterfall

With a massive overhanging cave alongside a stunning waterfall, Pahn Taki Cave and Waterfall

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