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Ulithi Adventure Lodge

Ulithi, is an island that is part of the Yap state which belongs to the island nations in the Federated States of Micronesia situated in the Pacific Ocean. Yap is one of the largest islands and is between Australia and Japan, and Ulithi is a sunny island that sets and provides an opportunity for those who seek adventure while ensuring that they also take home a spirit filled with the island culture full of history and tradition.

Falalop, Asor, Mogmog, and Fedarai are four inhabited islands; Falalop is the most accessible with an air strip where the lodge is situated. Each island has its own chief; however, the chief of Ulithi Atoll sits in Mogmog.

ulithi-adventure-lodge-micronesia-01The Atoll is the closest mass to the Challenger Deep, which is the deepest point on the earth. The lagoon in the island is the fourth largest in the world and is one of the most beautiful spots anyone could ever lay their eyes on. Just outside the lagoon is Falalop where Ulithi Adventure Lodge is, in close proximity to this amazing site.

The people in Ulithi are kind and shy but very hospitable, and readily at your service. The literacy rate in this island is 90% and everyone speaks English. The crime rate is next to nothing and the islands are very safe as they focus on caring for each other’s needs and their traditions are about “Keeping the Peace”. Western clothing is not allowed in some of these islands as the women are not allowed to show their thighs; due to their conservative nature a traveller will need to respect their values and this value is highly encouraged in Ulithi.

The lodge is comprised of 10 stunning guestrooms, all air conditioned. 6 of the rooms are facing the magnificent Pacific Ocean and 4 facing the breath taking gardens of this island. Each of these rooms have a private, tiled bathroom and shower, it has a wardrobe and a built in writing desk and chair. The rooms have a ceiling fan and queen sized beds. The rooms are completely noiseless, and has an open upper deck with comfortable chairs for the guest to sit still under the stars and gaze at the Milky Way, and see it in a way that no one has ever seen it before.  

The kitchen is well equipped and is able to serve individuals or large parties. The lodge takes on small scale events like weddings and corporate meetings where the entire lodge can be offered for an all-inclusive rate of USD 50 per day per person.

However, there is no phone available at the lodge but emergency phone calls can be made on the satellite telephone. There is no internet available and neither is a gift shop.

The management encourages the traveller to bring a reusable container for drinking water and requests to help them minimise water usage or wastage as it is non-potable in the island, and they depend on rain for fresh water. They however use water catchment and sterilization for eating and drinking.

The staff advises the guests to use the credit card for transactions and cold cash for excursions and other activities.  

Apart from chilling in this unique island, totally cut off from social media and other distractions; the guest is able to go fishing, snorkelling, witness the turtle habitat and observe the island lifestyle.

Things to take to Ulithi;ulithi-adventure-lodge-micronesia-02

  • Beach Towel
  • Sun Screen
  • Bug Spray
  • Quick Dry Clothing
  • Long Sleeve Shirts
  • Long pants
  • Shorts
  • Protective Reef Shoes
  • Snorkelling Gear
  • Fishing Gear
  • Aloe
  • A good book

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