The 18 best beaches in the world in 2018, according to travel experts – Business Insider

While city breaks are exciting and mountain escapes are refreshing, there’s nothing quite like being by the sea and lounging on a beach.

And if you’re dreaming of your next escape to the seaside, good news: Flight Network — Canada’s largest travel website — has released its second annual list of the world’s best beaches.

Chosen by almost double the number of travel experts as the previous year, the 2018 list was compiled by over 1,200 travel-obsessed journalists, editors, bloggers, and agencies from around the world.

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The World’s Best Beaches for 2018 has been designed to “provide travelers with a one-stop resource for the most enchanting and exotic shores in the world” and “ignite your wanderlust and inspire the planning of your next great beach adventure.”

From red sandy coastlines in Crete to clear waters in Micronesia, the list features beaches from all over the world, ranked based on sheer untouched beauty, remoteness, sand and water quality, average days of sunshine, and average annual temperature.

Scroll down to see the 18 best beaches in the world, ranked in ascending order according to the list.

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