Super Typhoon Yutu stalls big sports events

THE devastation left behind by    Super Typhoon Yutu also held off many of the big sports events on island.

Aside from the soccer leagues, Saipan Baseball League championship series, the basketball leagues and Trench Tech’s Rites of Passage Ragin’ Rumble, the Category 5 typhoon also stalled  the Micro Cup paddling event, the Commonwealth Coalition of Private Sports Association Volleyball League championship and the 4th Annual Friends of the Joeten-Kiyu Public Library Golf Tournament, all were scheduled over the weekend.

Super Typhoon Yutu hit the island from evening Oct. 24 through afternoon of the next day, leaving behind many infrastructures including sports facilities in total disarray if not destroyed.

Debris from Gilbert C. Ada gym, which included some fixtures at the Oleai Sports track and field, littered the beaches in Susupe, the venue for the Micro Cup. Even most of the canoes were damaged.

In public notice, the organizers of the 4th Annual Friends of the Joeten-Kiyu Public Library Golf Tournament announced that due to current recovery and assistance efforts following Supe Typhoon Yutu, the golf event scheduled for October 27, 2018 at Lao Lao Bay Golf and Resort was postponed until further notice.

“We will keep you posted of any updates. Stay safe, Marianas,” say the organizers.

Source: Marianas Variety :

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