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Sub-Aqua Club Dived to View Second World War Shipwrecks in Chuuk Lagoon

Chuuk Lagoon in Micronesia is one of the best places if you are a diver. The wrecks that is hidden beneath the ocean is a world that is hidden from our eyes- divers not only get the opportunity to discover this but also to enjoy a variety of ocean life and reef aquariums.

Eight divers from the Sub-Aqua Club in Cynon valley visited the Chuuk Lagoon to observe sea wrecks at the bottom of the ocean. All the club members who had saved up for three years to fund this trip had to travel about eight thousand miles to Micronesia, a group of small islands in the western Pacific Ocean. These shipwrecks were part of a Japanese fleet that was destroyed by Americans during the Second World War.

chuuk lagoon-micronesia-001The Chairman and training officer at Cynon- Valley Sub, Mr. Howard Lewis stated that it was worth waiting and also mentioned that the success of the trip was mainly dues do the extensive planning. He was thrilled as he said

“The diving in Micronesia is the best wreck diving in the world”.

“The wreck as a whole has deteriorated a little over the past 40 years but it’s still amazing.”

The trip was not certainly an easy one, diving up to fifty-eight meters everyday, spending up to forty-five minutes at a time, to view the wrecks that was left untouched since the day the ship was sunk. The trip also included a shark dive which was a week long adventure.

Among the wreckage of Japanese fighter planes, submarines and merchant vessels the divers were able to find skulls and gas masks but Howard stated that Japanese officials who dived at Chuuk Lagoon in 2009, removed parts of the sites many years ago.

He also stated that the incident took place around fifteen to twenty years ago and that they had recovered as many of the human remains as they could.

“However there’s still so many fascinating historical things to see”

chuuk lagoon-micronesia-002“We came across a room filled with empty sake bottles.” He said.

Lewis who has been a diver for 25 years, stated that west wales was a great place to dive whenever the weather is in a good condition and the club usually trips abroad to the Red Sea and Norway.

There are around 20 members in the and it owns two two training boats and an air compressor at its base and is a member of the UK Sub-Aqua Club.

The club is always looking for new members who are interested in diving.

“But we are a small, active club, and we do get out and see the world.” Mr Lewis said.

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