Still no power at Garapan street market site

THE Thursday Night Street Market in Garapan has yet to reopen because power has not been restored at the site, Arts Council Executive Director Parker Yobei said.

When Typhoon Yutu hit the island, he added, “we lost our weather heads, panel boxes, the meter box and outlets that we need to operate.”

He said the supplies and materials needed for the power system are currently unavailable on island.

A local hardware store is expected to receive its next shipment by the end of the month, Yobei added. “So as soon as we get those supplies, we can start reinstalling our power system  and then we can ask the [Commonwealth Utilities Corp.] to hook us back to its power grid.”

Each week, he said over 30 vendors participate in the Thursday Night Street Market, which is one of the island’s tourist attractions.

“But we cannot operate without power because our vendors need power,” Yobei said, adding that operating a generator would significantly cost more.

Source: Marianas Variety :

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