Rota mayor asks people to set aside political differences

NOW that the elections are over, re-elected Rota Mayor Efraim Atalig is asking the people to put aside their political differences and bitterness.

“Let us not perpetuate hatred. Let us focus our energy towards making Rota prosper for all,” the mayor said.

Efraim M. Atalig

He also thanked his supporters who voted for him to continue his program for progress.

“Thank you for still believing in me. I know there are some who wished the opposite. But that’s okay. It’s democracy,” he said, adding that his administration is ready to welcome everyone “with open arms in making Rota a better island for all.”

Atalig said some have branded him  “corrupt” but, he added, “one cannot be convicted until proven guilty. Many can attest that I am in this office not for financial gain but for my passion to help people. I just finished one battle and will be facing another one soon. But in my heart I stand on what I believe is right.”

To the people who don’t like him, the mayor said, “Please forgive me. I love you. We are one people in one Marianas.”

Atalig has been indicted in federal court on one count of wire fraud. In CNMI Superior Court, he and seven of his resident directors were charged with theft and misconduct in public office.

According to the prosecution, Atalig lied about the use of public funds for a trip to Guam.

Source: Marianas Variety :

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