Red Cross official: ‘Be patient, we will eventually get to you’

“BE patient, we will eventually get to you,” Cedric Davoren, life safety asset protection manager for the American Red Cross, advised residents seeking assistance.

In an interview Monday at the Red Cross service center in the Marianas Business Plaza building, Davoren said the response time varies, but “it may take at least a week to get back to them once they signed up”.

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Clients are being interviewed at the service center to determine if they are qualified for assistance based on the level of damage to their house.

 For minor damage, certain assistance will also be given out, such as a disaster emergency supply kit, Davoren said.

 He said in an effort to reduce wait times and long lines, they are issuing color-coded tickets indicating certain dates.

 Once a client receives a ticket, he or she will need to return to the service center on the assigned day to meet with a case-worker, Davoren said.

He said the main goal is to make sure that people are seen by Red Cross and provided some kind of housing or health assistance.

“When they come in, they need to have documentation: lot number, number of people in the household, head of household and photos of the damage,” he added.

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