Red Cross, NMI, US governments hold first relief operation

HUNDREDS of people formed long lines at American Memorial Park to get food, water and other relief supplies on Sunday morning.

According to distribution coordinator Monique Sablan, over 500 packages were distributed.

The packages included six water cartons, three ready to eat meals, blankets, shovels, rakes, containers, work gloves, and water containers.

There were two lines: one for “walk in” individuals and the other for “drive-through” motorists.

“We give numbers to those who walked in so they could get what they needed to get. The people who didn’t get numbers were right away informed that there were no more supplies and they should go to the other distribution sites.”

American Memorial Park was one of the distribution sites of the CNMI government, the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the American Red Cross.

Sablan said the other distribution were Koblerville Fire Station, San Roque Fire Station, Kagman Fire Sation and Ada gymnasium.

To make sure that everything was in order, she said six volunteers were designated team leaders. “Under them, they have about 20 other volunteers. The first three teams were in charge of packaging. The next three teams were in charge of distribution.”

She said volunteers came from different organizations and included teachers, students, reservists and park rangers.

The distribution of packages was scheduled at 11 a.m., but many people were already at American Memorial Park as early as 7 a.m., Variety learned.

One of the individuals who went to the park said they were told that they would get food, water and up to $500 cash.

Source: Marianas Variety :

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