Orsini wins BOE race

THE Board of Education seat was a closely contested race between Andrew Orsini and James Rayphand based on the unofficial partial results of Tuesday’s elections.

Orsini garnered 4,681 votes while Rayphand received 4,429.

Andrew Orsini

On Wednesday afternoon, the absentee votes were tabulated. Rayphand got 558; Orsini, 539.

Of the grand total, Orsini got 5,220 or 51 percent of the votes cast; Rayphand, 4,987 or 49 percent.

Orsini is a former Northern Marinas College regent while Rayphand is former teacher, vice principal and acting principal at San Vicente Elementary School.

In an interview before the tabulation of the absentee ballots, Orsini declined to comment on the possibility of his victory, saying “I don’t want to preempt what might come out.”

Orsini noted that it was his second attempt to run for the BOE. “The first one was also closely contested by four people for only two seats,” he said, referring to the 2016 elections in which he and Rayphand finished third and fourth.

In a phone interview, Rayphand said “whether it is me or Mr. Orsini, the community can rest easy because we will do our best to make the schools as best as they can be.”

He hoped that the newly elected leaders will focus on rebuilding the schools. “Whoever wins, I hope the focus is to get our schools up and running.”

Win or lose, Rayphand said: “I am here to help. I want to be a part of the process of rebuilding the schools and making sure that they will be among the best in the world.”

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