NMI visitor arrivals rebounding from Nov. 2018 drop

(MVA) —  According to the Marianas Visitors Authority, arrivals to the islands of Saipan, Tinian and Rota fell to 5,595 visitors in November 2018 due to Super Typhoon Yutu in October 2018.

This  compares to  48,950 visitors received in November 2017. But since the Francisco C. Ada/Saipan International Airport resumed 24-hour operations on Nov. 20, arrivals have steadily rebounded as a majority of airlines restore flights.

“In November 2018 the Marianas saw the full impact of Super Typhoon Yutu, with almost all flights cancelled during the month,” said MVA Managing Director Christopher A. Concepcion. “Fortunately, our recovery has been tremendous and faster than originally expected. In December we are seeing most flights restored, and we are looking forward to a solid holiday travel period and full recovery over the next couple months.”

Arrivals from Korea dropped 98 percent in November marking 531 visitors.   Jeju Air resumed its daily service from Incheon, Korea, on Nov. 27 and will restart night time services beginning Jan. 21, 2019. In time for holiday travel, Jeju Air flights departing from Busan will resume on Dec. 21, and Asiana Airlines will also reopen flights from Incheon on Dec. 20.

While arrivals from China dropped 85 percent in November to 2,400, the market was the first to restore all flights to the Marianas. Flights from Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, and Hangzhou have since resumed their normal schedule.

Arrivals from Japan were 97 percent lower in the month at 126 visitors, largely due to the cessation of direct flights from the country to the Marianas in May 2018.   Skymark Airlines has officially announced scheduled daily direct flights from Japan to the Marianas in 2019.  In the interim, MVA is promoting two-city packages to the Marianas via Seoul, Korea, and has launched new promotions with Expedia.

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