NMI, feds looking at all recovery options

GOVERNOR Ralph D.L.G. Torres on Monday said the CNMI government, with the help of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the military and other U.S. agencies, is looking at all options to expedite the recovery of Saipan and Tinian.

“Every single day, we’ve been out there visiting shelters, public and private facilities. We continue to assess and do what is best for the island,” the governor said in a press conference on Monday in San Antonio.

Torres said the CNMI and federal governments will “do everything they can to find best options so that the children can go back to school as soon as possible.”

He added, “We’ve been looking around for properties so just we can open up all possibilities before we make a determination on what is best for our children.”

Torres said he wants the children “to come back to school earlier than expected while also ensuring their safety.”

The governor said they are now in the second phase of the recovery effort which includes distributing tents to families whose homes were either damaged or destroyed by the typhoon.

He noted that the recovery efforts and the restoration of power and water services are faster now compared to the post-Typhoon Soudelor period.

After Soudelor, he said it took the CNMI government more than three weeks to energize the hospital and nearby areas. Less than a week after Yutu, he added, power has been restored in the Navy Hill area.

Other areas have also been energized such as Puerto Rico, some portions of Garapan and Capital Hill.

“Of course, water is not yet a 24-hour service, but we are refilling all our water wells and making sure the pipes are not damaged and are in good shape because that’s the critical part. Even if we energize it and provide water to the villages, if the pipe is not in good condition, we will be losing water. So we will not allow that to happen. We will make sure the pipes are working,” the governor said.

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