NMC may resume classes on Dec. 3

CLASSES at Northern Marianas College may resume on Dec. 3.

In a report to the NMC Board of Regents on Tuesday, vice president for learning and student success Cynthia Deleon Guerrero said they are looking at five possible sites for classrooms. These include Saipan Southern High School.

She said they met with Interim Education Commissioner Glenn Muna on Monday to discuss possible temporary classrooms for the college.

“They have 25 classrooms that we may be able to utilize,” she said, referring to the Public School System. “When they [PSS] resume classes, they will run a half-day schedule from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.” NMC can hold afternoon classes at public schools, she added.

“There are a lot of positive feedback and support from PSS regarding the use of their campuses. It is a partnership and they have been really helpful,” Deleon Guerrero said.

NMC was hoping to utilize Marianas High School, but was told that MHS may run double or triple sessions to accommodate students from Hopwood Middle School and Francisco M. Sablan Middle School.

 “We may share resources with PSS,” NMC Interim President Frankie Eliptico said. “We have a water pump on our campus that we are not able to use. We can disassemble that and put it over to where it is needed. They [PSS] may need additional assistance to access generators as well.”

Members of the Northern Marianas College Board of Regents meet on Tuesday to discuss typhoon recovery activities. Photo by Lori Lyn C. Lirio Members of the Northern Marianas College Board of Regents meet on Tuesday to discuss typhoon recovery activities. Photo by Lori Lyn C. Lirio

NMC’s other option is Mount Carmel School which has 17 classrooms available. “We may be able to utilize the facility from the afternoon until evening,” Deleon Guerrero said.

Ladera Center on Beach Road, where the Saipan Mayor’s Office was formerly located, has two floors available, she added. “They can give us about 18 classrooms and some office space.”

NMC is also considering the Marianas Business Plaza in Susupe and the RJ Commercial Building across from Joeten Dandan.

“We have teams set up that are going out and meeting with business owners and looking at what is available, because we also need to consider generators, accessibility for our students with special needs, and water,” Eliptico said. “Those are the things that we are looking at to make sure that if we do relocate our classes they will be conducive to education and the needs of the students.”

Deleon Guerrero said “as a result of Typhoon Yutu, we lost seven weeks of instruction. If we were to come back in the first week of December, we will be able to finish and meet the seven weeks that we are lacking to complete the Fall 2018 semester by Feb.8.”

The Spring semester duration will be from March through June. “Once we get to that point, we are back on track,” she added.

Eliptico said they will ask the governor’s office or the Commonwealth Office of Transit Authority to help transport their students to the temporary sites. “If we have two or three sites [for temporary classrooms], we want to be able to go around and drop the students at these sites,” he said. “We want to the students to have the opportunity to finish the semester. Some of them are finishing up this Fall, we don’t want the storm to stand in the way. We want to make sure that they will get their degree.”

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